Paver stone enhances the appearance and looks of your garden area or walkways. They add authenticity and modernness that give a unique and creative look to your house. However, the paver stones lose their luster and shine easily. The dirty and unsealed pavers make your garden area unpleasant to look at.

You can use tile and grout pressure washing, paver cleaning and sealing from time to time to enhance their appearance and look. It will also help you to increase the effectiveness and lifespan of your pavers. You can clean your paver area once a month. It will help you to make them lustrous and shiny once again as they were new.

Here are some ways to do revitalize your outdoor space and pavers effectively:-

When grouting and sealing material is washed away from the pavers, it causes staining, fainting, and loose sand granules from them. It will adversely affect your paver stones. It is important to remove all dirt, grease, and dust from the paver before tile cleaning for effective results.

1. Remove all the obstacles:

Before cleaning your pavers, it is important to remove all the obstacles as they will affect your cleaning. It will take less time to clean.
Cover all the grass or outer area with the cover so that they are not affected by the chemicals and cleaning detergents.

2. Clean out all mosses and weeds:

Due to unsealed pavers, mosses and weeds reside in them. Clean the mosses and weeds with a stiff brush and remove them thoroughly.
You can also use weed cleaning spray or powder but you have to wait for at least 2 weeks to clean your paves.

3. Wet your paver stones:

After cleaning all the mosses and weeds from the paver, it is necessary to saturate your paves. You can simply wash them with a wash. Do not use any cleaning detergents or cleaning soap to wash them.

4. Apply a mild amount of cleansing detergent:

After saturating your pavers, apply a very mild amount of cleansing material to your paver. Harsh and rough chemicals affect the look and shine of paver stones. Always make sure to use a mild amount of cleaning detergent on your pavers. Apply cleanser on your paver with a brush, clean then by spraying water.

Allow paver stones to dry. When your paver stones are dried, put polymeric sand in the gaps and joints with the help of a dry broom. After filling the gap, sprinkle some water in the polymeric sand so that they can settle down efficiently.

5. Apply sealers in the edge:

After sealing the gaps, apply sealers starting from the edge. Apply the sealer to the edges with the help of a brush and then apply to the whole surface.

6. Apply two protective coats:

When sealers in the pavers are completely dried apply two protective layer coats in them. Put the protective coat in the tin box and apply it with the help roller. This will help you to apply the coat effectively.


External tile cleaning and sealing helps to increase the attractiveness and uniqueness of your house. It is important to know common tile cleaning problems when you require experts to clean and seal your pavers from time to time. You can hire the best tile cleaning  services to finish these tasks easily.