The key to maintaining a safe home is to ensure that the tiled surfaces remain clean. It is vital to remember that it is these tiles that tend to attract mould and mildew. Over the passage of time, the accumulation of dust, debris, and grime can cause the growth of harmful pathogens. This, in turn, can cause the spreading of infections such as flu, common cold, etc. That is why cleaning the tiles regularly is essential.

Some Common Tile Cleaning Problems That Ask For Professional Hands

There are various residential tile and grout cleaning predicaments that you need to understand in order to fix the issue. Check out some problems listed here and get to know more about the various tile-related concerns.

  • Milky tile surface

The common cause of a cloudy or milky tile surface is the usage of the wrong tile cleaning solution. You must have used a product that is not viable for your tile. The best solution, in this case, is to take suggestions from experts. Keep in mind that the professional tile cleaners know which products to use on what tile types.

  • White residue on tiles

The occurrence of white residue on tile is actually a phenomenon known as efflorescence. It happens when water goes under the tiles, and the crystallization of the minerals present in water occurs. This leads to the development of white stains on the tile surfaces. The only solution, in this case, is to detect the source of the water leak. For this, you need to enlist the aid of a tile and grout expert.

  • Stain on grout lines

Often, the dirt that you see on the grout lines is your fault. Wondering how is that possible? Well, the grout lines are installed a little bit lower than the tiles. It actually makes it easy for the dust and debris to accumulate when you are sweeping the tiles. Moreover, the porous nature of the grouts means that they stain with ease and often leave permanent blemishes.

  • Loose tiles

Inefficient installation is the primary reason for loose tiles. Gaps in place of adhesive make the tile adhesive lose its functioning, making the tile hollow. It will ultimately cause breakage or crack in the tiles. The only way to fix this problem is to take the assistance of a tile specialist. The experts can push adhesives underneath the tiles. But, if that doesn’t solve the matter, you will need to re-tile it.

  • Development of mould

One of the most common title issues that you can encounter is the occurrence of mould. The most obvious place that you can detect mould and mildew growth is the bathroom. The damp and humid environment makes it the perfect breeding ground for mould. Often, the cause of mould growth in the shower tiles is a water leak. Fixing the leakage is the only way you can get rid of this issue.

  • Dirty tiles

Filthy and stained tiles are an unavoidable problem. No matter how clean you seek to keep the tile, some dust and debris will accumulate, or some stain will be present. However, there is a way that you can keep them clean. You must use the correct cleaning solutions and make sure that they are perfect for your tile type. For this, you can take the advice of experts.

  • Tile cracks

Hairline cracks, also known as crazing, are a common tile problem. In this case, the cracks are not too deep and don’t pose any serious threat. Moreover, a crack in the tile surface doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a crack underneath the tile.

  • Change in colour of tiles

The absorbing nature of the tiles also makes them vulnerable to colour changes. When water seeps underneath the shower tiles, it enters the “biscuit” and causes a change in the tile colour. However, once you fix the leak issue, the tile colour will change as it was originally.


There are various reasons that can lead to different tile-related issues. However, knowing these tile problems can help you in finding the right solution. That is exactly why having an understanding of such issues is of great importance. Moreover, you can also ask the tile cleaning experts for some preventive tips to keep the Grout in tiptop condition.