To circulate the air, there is a remote system at your house which is known as an air duct. Well, you are also not aware of how air ducts work. However when homeowners face the problem the breathing spotting dust issues. Then understand that their air duct is not all cleaned. There are many signs to prove that your house needs an air duct cleaning. In this article first, we will be confirming How Often Should Residential Air Ducts Be Cleaned? Nevertheless, air ducts are the ones that supply the warm or cool air to ventilate your premise room. Thus a clean air duct improves the air quality of your premise. Apart from this, uncleanness will make your home’s breathing quality bad. Let’s check below How Often Should Residential Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

When You Should Clean The Residential Air Duct At Your Place? 

Residential air ducts are passageways that transfer the hot or the cold air to your house for proper ventilation. However, just like the HVAC system at your place, residential air ducts too require proper maintenance at regular intervals for maximum efficiency. Generally the national air duct cleaner association and we recommend you clean the ducts every 4-5 years. However, if you always hire professionals for cleaning the air duct, then you can extend cleaning to 6-8 years. 

Nevertheless, the growth of moulds and many other allergic reactions will consider you to hire immediate residential duct cleaning. An unclean air duct can pollute your indoor environment more than the outdoors. Thus, air duct impurities will spread throughout your entire house and make a place difficult to breathe. Therefore, timely air duct cleaning plays a very important role in a healthy environment for your premise. 

Signs That Indicate That Your Air Duct Requires A Professional Cleaning 

When it’s time to clean the air duct is the most important question everyone asks. However, this is the question that confronts both new and old homeowners. However, air dust cleaning is important for the new owner if the old one is a smoker or has pets at the house. Moreover, if they had not hired the air duct cleaning service for more than 2-3 years. Thus the completion of the air duct cleaning service will accurately dust particles from it. Hence following are some signs for hiring the immediate air duct cleaning service

  • Mould and the musty smell: Mould grows in a place that is humid or damp. However, mould is very hard to reach, like air ducts. Therefore, if you smell any musty odour or see mould and experience an allergic reaction like coughing. Then understand you require an immediate professional air duct cleaning service. Moreover, experts can sanitize the particular mould area and kill its growth in the air duct. Timely air duct cleaning will prevent mould quickly. 
  • Pest infestation: Creepy pests or crawlers make their shelter in your house duct. Pests contaminate the air which transfers throughout your house. Therefore if you ever see a pest near the air duct, don’t ignore it. Thus, hire a proper air duct cleaning system for preventing yourself from bugging. 
  • Excessive dust and debris: Another important sign for air duct cleaning is dead skin cells, dangerous allergies and pet dander buildup. However, excessive debris is released from the residential air ducts in the form of dust. The dust and debris can put your family’s health at risk and lead to many serious allergic reactions. Moreover, dust and debris can also affect the flow of air ducts. 
  • Excessive cold and allergic symptoms: Clean ducts at your house report to better health. However, if the air ducts are cleaned and in proper condition, contaminated air will lead to allergic reactions. Thus, cold is the most important sign for hiring for air duct cleaning service. Well, dust mites build up at the air duct and will spread and cause skin allergies and asthmatic reactions in your family members. 

Moreover, if any one family member is facing respiratory issues then unclean air ducts may make them seriously sick due to bad air quality. Further, if you have a newborn or senior citizen at your house; then you must hire an air duct cleaning considering the signs stated above. 


Hope the above article has cleared your query related to How Often Should Residential Air Ducts Be Cleaned? Moreover, now with this article, you are even aware of when to hire an air duct cleaning. So, whenever you face the above symptoms make sure you don’t ignore them. Ignoring the above signs can make your and your family’s life at risk. Therefore, as soon as you consider any of the above signs of dirty ducts, hire the air duct cleaning service as soon as possible. 

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