Have you ever wondered whether the air you breathe inside your premises is fresh and healthy? Well, air ducts are something that needs routine cleaning. Otherwise, you can unknowingly welcome a myriad of illnesses and respiratory diseases. Not to mention, there are several misconceptions concerning duct cleaning, and before you engage yourself in the cleaning program, you must know them all! So, let’s get started with today’s topic where common misconceptions about duct cleaning are debunked

Five Common Misconceptions About Duct Cleaning Debunked

 Often, most homeowners get really troubled and worried by the thought of duct cleaning. We keep receiving tons of questions from them, like will clean damage my duct? Is it pocket-draining? Can ducts really affect my health? The questions go on. So, we have decided to talk about common misconceptions about duct cleaning debunked. Let’s start with it. 

1. Ducts Not At All Get That Dirty

A few people believe that ducts don’t really get dirty, and replacing the filter of the HVAC system will do the job. Well, it’s nothing but a total misconception. Air ducts are a prime place where dirt, filth, grime, and grease accumulate if you leave them uncleaned for months. Besides dirt and grime, they can also be a breeding place for mould and dust mites, especially during the hot and humid months. This, as a result, can pounce you with severe allergies, colds, flu, and even asthma attacks. Hence, make sure to arrange its cleaning and maintenance program every one or two to enjoy sound health.

2. Dirty Ducts Have Nothing To Do With Your Health

Another myth about duct cleaning is that even if the duct is dirty, it won’t be bad for your health. Well, it’s time to burst out this misconception as well! If you think that wearing masks at construction sites is important to stay unharmed from the contaminated air, then you must do the same at home when you have uncleaned ducts. Because both affect your health in the same measurement, especially if you are allergy-prone. It’s true that air filters can help minimise the number of allergens, including mould spores, pollen, and dust. However, they won’t ever guarantee to keep your air ducts 100% clean. And this is the reason why you keep sneezing and getting skin rashes. Duct cleaning is the only solution to this problem. 

3. DIY Duct Cleaning Is As Much Effective As Professional Cleaning

Vacuuming your air ducts to remove their filth and dust is a BAD idea! Instead of cleaning, it pushes the germs and contaminants mire into your home interior, exposing you to severe health risks. So, you better leave the job in the hands of the one who actually knows how to do it right. Professionals don’t only have deep knowledge of duct cleaning but also are well-equipped with the right tools and products. After cleaning your air ducts, they dispose of the contaminants straight outside your home in the holding tank systems.

4. Cleaning Is Harmful To Both The Duct And Humans

First of all, duct cleaning is generally done using powerful vacuuming and compressed air and no chemical is used. The whole process is very eco-friendly and professionals could use mild anti-allergen products to make sure there is no sign of allergens. So, there is no way you are risking your family’s health. And speaking of the health of the ductwork, the tools used in the cleaning program are non-abrasive, so your duct stays intact even after the treatment.

5. Duct Cleaning Removes All Indoor Contaminants

Duct cleaning is only responsible for removing the trapped dirt, allergens, dander and contaminants in the air ducts. It cannot alone guarantee the removal of your home’s contaminants as the airborne contaminants tend to find shelter in your carpets and curtains. If you still experience unexplained colds and allergies after cleaning your air ducts by professionals, your carpets and curtains are the ones to put the blame on!

6. Duct Cleaning Is Pretty Expensive

Among all the common misconceptions about duct cleaning debunked above, this one will simply blow your mind! Duct Cleaning is not at all pocket-draining, if it is, then you are probably dealing with a dishonest service provider! Duct cleaning cost is affordable and is required only once a year or two. The best you can do is get quotes from more than three service providers, do some background checks of their service quality and reputation and choose the one whom you find comparably reasonable.

Final Words

As the most common misconceptions about duct cleaning are debunked through the write-up, worry less and seek professional assistance for duct cleaning. Dusty grills, frequent allergies and flu, high energy bills, poor air quality, pest infestation, etc are some of the red flags that indicate that you need immediate duct cleaning services. Look for these signs and book an emergency duct cleaning appointment today!