Integrated pest management(IPM), is a process which solves pest problems while reducing the risks to people and nature. Moreover, we can use it to manage anywhere and any kind of pests–in urban, and natural areas or wildland. It is also a plan of action that focuses on long-term prevention of pests and their damages. In fact, pesticides also come in use only after monitoring. Hence, it shows that they are used according to guidelines. Also, processes are made with the goal of getting rid of only the target pest.

In fact, experts select pest control materials and apply them in a manner that reduces risks to non-target pests, human health and nature. With Integrated Pest Management (IPM), experts take actions to keep pests away from causing a problem. Moreover, using IPM means you’ll look at every factor that affects the pest and its ability to grow. Basically, there are few practises of pest control that make up for IPM, and they are as below. So, on knowing about this, you can create conditions that are not favourable for the pests. Also you can take best pest control in Melbourne by Sams Pest Control Melbourne.

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Different Pest Control Practises For Common Pests 

Biological Practice

  • Biological tactics use natural agents or enemies to manage pests.
  • Ultimate goal is to suppress pest count and damage without the use of pesticide or with low amount of pesticide use.
  • It is one of the complex integrated pest management(IPM) plans that requires detailed behaviour of pests and natural enemies.
  • Get organic pest control tips.
  • This method is often more difficult than simply spraying the pesticides. Also you can check out our blog Steps To Get Rid Of Mice Permanently.

Cultural Practice 

  • Goal of cultural practice is to make the crop area less suitable for insects and pests.
  • In many cases, it is used as a caution measure.
  • It is mostly in use when the target pests have only few suitable host plants or needs during their life cycle.
  • Mainly reduces yield loss from pest injury.

Physical And Mechanical Practice

  • Gets rid of pest larvae, egg masses, pupae and adults and also diseased parts of plants. 
  • Use of pheromones for mass trapping, monitoring pest control and kill zone creation.
  • Use light traps to remove trapped insects.
  • Instals bird perches or bamboo cages in the field to withhold pest species.

Pesticide Practice

  • Pesticide practice comes under chemical pest control. 
  • Use pesticides only in fusion for long-term and more pest control
  • Applied in such a way that reduces harm to non-target pests, people, and nature.
  • Mostly used in the form of bait stations or spot-spray, rather than sprays for air, water and soil quality.

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