Carpets make up great ideas for add-ons in the decor of a home. The carpet available in different colours, shapes and sizes enhances the beauty of the room in which it is laid out. However beautiful these carpets may be, keeping them beautiful is a huge task. Though many carpet cleaning companies take on the responsibility of cleaning the carpet through and through and making them look as good as new, the method used by them to clean the carpet should depend on the type of carpet it is. 

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Understanding The Different Methods For The Various Types Of Carpet:

Carpets are available in different shapes and sizes, but what matters is that their texture, their weave and the material used in the making of the carpet are important. Proper understanding and knowledge of the kind of carpet it is helps in identifying the best carpet cleaning methods. 

  • The Berber carpets: Berber carpets are ones with larger loops, which makes them easier to clean. However, they do get damaged quite easily too due to wear and tear. Vacuuming is one method of clearing Berber carpets a couple of times a week.
  •  The Frieze carpets – These carpets belong to the cut pile category of carpets that comprises highly twisted fibres that look short. The frieze carpets do not look dirty as their fibres camouflage the dirt, nevertheless, they too need to be cleaned for hygiene reasons. They are best cleaned by Vacuuming and/or steam cleaning. 
  • The Saxony Carpet: – This is also a carpet that belongs to the cut pile category, and is one of the most popular tuft pile carpets Though it is almost as good as the frieze carpets, the carpet is best used in Areas of less traffic concentration. This carpet style may also be rather varied. Cut pile carpet includes velvet, shag, plush, and frieze. Shag and frieze pile thicknesses are much greater while preserving the cut style. Vacuuming is a good method of cleaning this type of carpet, or the rotating beater bar may be used. 


This blog not only explain the methods that best suit the cleaning of your carpet, but also tell you the procedure so that you are aware of it and you are completely convinced of it. This makes it clear that different carpet fabric has different frequently used carpet cleaning methods. Moreover hiring a expert for cleaning your carpet is a good choice since they know the well versed method for cleaning your carpet. Also it is safe and effective. Furthermore experts cleans your carpet quickly.