Summer is just around the corner so are the most disastrous pests. Yes, termite season is almost here. How about instead of getting ready for these vicious pests this year you try to prevent your home from them? A good idea right! Preventing your house from termite is no more a choice. It is a necessity. If you will be careless now, you will be repenting it later. A little negligence can cost you a ton of your hard-earned money. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent your home from them. But how? This blog consists of all the answers you need.

Tips To Prevent Your Home From Termite Infestation

  • Repair If You Have Any Leaks In Your House
    Check if you have any leakages in your house. A damp house is the best host to termite infestations. Therefore, assuring that there are no leaks in your house is very important. Moreover, you should check your basement and all the places that are often overlooked. Because they can make their home in the places that you least expect. A dry environment inside your house will not be comfortable for termites to live in. You can check our blog Sanitise The Property And Exterminate the Fly Pest in The Dog Kennel.
  • Dejunk Your House
    Everybody’s house consists of a storage unit where they put their old newspapers, useless papers, or old magazines. Some people use their basement to keep this stuff. You should declutter these areas because these areas can be a great home to termites as they love to live in a dark and untidy place. Moreover, they often chose those areas where there is minimal human activity. So, throw all the useless stuff away from your house.
  • Use The Power Of Sun
    Termites can not stand the heat. So, if there is any piece of furniture in your house that you think is infested by termites. You should keep that furniture in the sun for at least three to four days. This will dehydrate them and make them leave. Moreover, the furniture will also lose all its moisture. This will protect it from getting infected again. Make sure you dust off the furniture thoroughly before you bring it back into your home.
  • Get Rid Of The Humid Environment In Your Home
    Now that you know that termites can not survive in the heat and dry temperature. Therefore, in summers they invade your house and live in a comfortable environment. So, to prevent your house from them you should keep the ambiance around and in your house dry. You can buy a dehumidifier to further help you. Moreover, your air conditioner can also help you get rid of the extra dampness in your house.
  • Use Borate
    Borate is the best termite repellent. You can use borate on your wooden furniture or on all the woodwork in your house. You can spray some borate before you paint your wooden furniture. Borate gets easily absorbed inside the wood. This will not let the termites nibble on the wood. Hence, there will be no termite damage in your house.
  • Assure There Is A Gap Between Soil And Wood
    If you have a garden then you should make sure that you maintain a distance between the soil and the wood. This will prevent the foundation of your house from being attacked by these creatures. You can also use cement to assure the separation of soil and wood. Also you can check out our blog Advantages And Benefits Of Timely Pest Control.

It Is Never Too Late. You Can Rely On Us To Protect Your House From Termite Damage

Pest Control Canberra is always here to help you in preventing your house from not only termites but from all kinds of pests. You can reach out to us if you want a definite elimination of termites from your house. Moreover, our Local Pest Controller makes sure that they also remove the source of the termite infestation. So that you can keep them away from your house for a longer period of time.