Fleas are small insects which use mammal’s blood to feed and live. The fleas carry many bacteria and spread many chronic diseases which will lead to the death of that mammal. Professional Pest Control Hobart for fleas must be done once they are discovered or else the flea infestation will spread and it will take the life of the mammal. The flea removal is an easy task when the flea infestation is less, than to solve when it spreads.

Flea Control

The flea removal specialists have suggested many techniques which are natural pest control for fleas.
The flea removal specialists have suggested that organic products like citrus juice with salt, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, essential oils, and baking soda will work perfectly for flea removal. You can check our blog How to Get Rid of Ants With Our Expert Pest Control.

Citrus juice with salt: Citrus juice and salt separately can work effectively against fleas. When combined together it will give the best results.

Application: Take any citrus juice, it can be lemon juice or orange juice. Add some salt to it. Now use the peels as bowls and pour this mixture in it and place it around the house and in garden areas. When fleas drink this solution, they will die because of dehydration due to salt. 

Apple cider vinegar: Any vinegar will work, apple cider vinegar will work better with pet animals.

Application: Add some apple cider vinegar to pet’s food, when the pet consumes the apple cider vinegar it will develop strong immune against fleas. 

Coconut oil and essential oils: These both oils work in the same way, as both of them have flea repelling properties.

Application: Take some generous amount of any of these oils and massage on the pet’s fur before bath. This will kick all the fleas out of the pet. Also, apply a few drops of these oils on the pet as a protection against fleas. Read some insights on Tips To Keep Mosquitoe-free Yards.

Baking soda: Baking soda works strongly against insects and can be used as insect repellents in various ways.

Application: Take the baking soda and sprinkle it all around the house. Take a brush and keep brushing until it is spread evenly on the floor, it can also be done on the carpet and on the pet’s bed. This will kick all the fleas out. But make sure not to put too much on the pet’s area, because the pet might consume the baking soda.

After a day, vacuum everything completely, you can actually find dead fleas lying around the house due to the effect of baking soda.

You can try these home remedies rather than buying the expensive products. These products are based on user experience rating. The effect of these, however, may differ depending on the number and strength of the insects present. You should be careful however, no more stress of ‘keep them away from children’. These organic products are easily available everyday products which reduces the risk level. These are the top most effective pest control methods for fleas suggested by the experts using inexpensive organic products which will be in everyone’s reach. Also you can check out our blog How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Exterminator?