No doubt a sofa is a significant home investment that you will want for many years. However, the typical lifespan of the couch is 7-14 years, but it also depends upon how you maintain it. Are you in the habit of eating a meal while sitting on the sofa? Do you have a pet or children at your place? If yes then regular sofa cleaning is very essential at your place. We highly recommend you hire professional leather sofa cleaning services. Apart from this if you want to properly maintain the fabric of the sofa. Then for that, we have shared effective 7 Tips to Keep Your Sofa Clean through this article. 

Here Are 7 Effective Tips To Keep Your Premise Sofa Clean 

Following are the best 7 tips to keep your sofa clean

1. Read the sofa upholstery tag

It is no surprise that different types of sofa upholstery require special care. Every sofa upholstery is covered with a label. Further, these labels include some codes for cleaning the sofa. Hence some of the cleaning codes are

  • W: It means using water-based cleaners for cleaning the sofa 
  • S: Safe for cleaning with solvent-based cleaners 
  • WS: Either you can clean with water or solvent-based cleaners 
  • X: Safe to clean with a vacuum or hire professionals for it 

2. Be patient while removing stains

For cleaning sofa stains, use a dry or spot cleaner solvent. Thus for working on the stain take a clean cloth and dip it in a dish wash detergent with water. Now gently blot the solution on the stain. Next again take a clean cloth and dip it in water to remove the solution from the sofa. If the spot remains like it was earlier, then follow two three or attempts of the above solution for the desired result. 

3. Avoid Moisture

While cleaning the sofa make sure you avoid using excessive liquid. It’s better to use a minimal amount of stain or any cleaning product. However, using excessive liquid cleaner will make the soap sink into the sofa. Hence, the deeper the soap goes, it is likely to cause spawn bacteria. Therefore, you should spray a little amount of the cleaner on the sofa. 

4. Vacuum the upholstery regularly

If you want that your sofa is free from other harmful pollutants. Then it’s important, you must invest in a good vacuum and follow it every week. However, make sure you use a vacuum with the sofa cleaning attachment. By this, the brush will rotate and remove dirt from the sofa entirely. Vacuuming the sofa at regular intervals will increase the life of your upholstery, and read here are some tips How to Care for Your Upholstery?

5. Clean the spills right away

Have you ever ignored the spills on your sofa? Just don’t ignore them or let the spills sit for a long time. Simply clean the spills right away before it gets absorbed into the sofa fabric. Make sure you take a clean cloth for blotting the spilled part of the area. Importantly remember never to rub the spill as it will make the situation worsen. 

6. Avoid strong chemicals

Toxic chemicals like bleach will damage the fabric of the sofa. Therefore, never use them. In addition, these harsh chemicals are stuck on the sofa and damage them adversely. Thus you can make a DIY solution for cleaning the sofa yourself. Take one cup of water with vinegar and one tablespoon of dish soap. You can also add some drops of thieves oil for cleaning the sofa. 

7. Know when to hire professionals

Some stains or any type of problem in the sofa are unbearable and difficult to tackle. If you have failed in removing any, try three or four times to remove the stain. Then it’s best to hire the experts for a sofa cleaning service. Professionals will clean the sofa effectively and increase its durability. 


It’s common to make mistakes while cleaning the sofa like using harsh chemicals, scrubbing the stains badly, and discolouring sofa fabric using the wrong methods. Therefore, to avoid these mistakes follow the above 7 Tips to Keep Your Sofa Clean. Moreover, for efficient results, you must hire a professional sofa cleaning service. As professionals know best to deal with every type of velvet sofa fabric.